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for 1984-1988 LONG or SHORT bed Toyota trucks

    We here at offer premium fiberglass replacement beds for /84-/88 . These hand constructed , hand laid , not chopped  , beds are made of 5/8" fir plywood (floor and front wall ) , very acceptable to fiberglass resin and completely sealed rendering the wood to a waterproof state , With 2x4 and 2x6 reinforcements , which double for the mounting points , The sides (3 layers of 1 1/2 oz mat)  are attached and then the floor is then sandwiched between  fiberglass mat (1 1/2-2 oz mat)  for structural strength and weather proofing , and are very strong and durable . The use of the wood also offers weight . We tried other core materials , but found them to be to light and would  disturb the trucks center of balance . When our bed is installed your truck will enjoy the same ride height as before with no more , no less stress on shocks and springs as weight is virtually the same as factory . We also manufacture our parts using special ISO resin , which is particularly resistant to the shrinkage and tempature change,  known to affect fiberglass pieces .

    Our replacement beds  also allow for the use of the stock tail gate or our fiberglass tail gate , tail lights , marker lights , fender flares , license plate lamps  and fuel filler lid .

with over 200 beds built  , and as many satisfied customers  , our quality product is unmatched in today's market  . some waviness on the fiberglass sides is inevitable , Factory spot welds and imperfections are present , especially in our stock 84-88. For a show quality finish , blocking will be required . 99% of our customers install as is .

Beds are of the Canadian/Japanese style and are NOT the fleet side or USA style.

Looking for the highest quality of  TOYOTA FIBERGLASS 4X4 + 2WD and 4 runner replacement parts  , you've come to the right place , products include fiberglass beds (boxes) , fiberglass hoods  and fenders , fiberglass 1/2 doors and 4 runner 1/4rs , smoothed cowls and much more to come . Come on in , take a look .

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